This Isn’t Your Dad’s Leaf Blower: This is ZoomBroom

A man using the ZoomBroom on his sidewalk to get rid of leaves and other forms of debris to easily and efficiently clean this outdoor living area.

Summer is finally in full swing.

With the warmth of summer also comes the start of the long-anticipated commencement of backyard BBQs, weekends spent by the pool, and basking in the warm summer sun.

With so many plans to make and summer get-togethers to host, you’ll want to ensure that your outdoor entertainment area is up to par as a host or hostess.

Tools, like a lightweight leaf blower, can come in handy when cleaning up your outdoor living spaces and yard.

An image of a women with a fan blowing in her face because of the heat from the summer weather - ZoomBroom


The Co-Founders and Inventors of the ZoomBroom brought to light the ideal solution:

“A sleek, lightweight, and quiet alternative for homeowners (and even avid golfers – stay tuned for more information on that product – The Golf Breeze ZoomBroom soon!) who want to save time, energy, and their physical well-being with ongoing yard work.”

Luckily, the ZoomBroom is a new and innovative outdoor tool to help with just that, and even more.

Don’t believe us yet? Keep reading…keep reading 🙂 

The Ultimate Standdown – Your Average Leaf Blower Vs. The ZoomBroom

The ZoomBroom Tornado is THE new tool to add to your wish list ASAP.

It mirrors the utilization of a leaf blower without the hassle involved in managing it.

This unique air-broom is built with an exclusive design that combines power and eco-friendliness – providing homeowners with a convenient user experience that’s unmatched by any other leaf blower on the market.

Why, you may ask?

Well, here are a few examples of why ZoomBroom is the right solution in comparison to the standard leaf blower:

  • ZoomBroom is Eco-Friendly: You would be appalled at the number of air pollutants that are emitted during every use of a gas-powered blower. In fact, studies show that leaf blowers discharge close to 300 times the amount of air pollutants as a pickup truck, while one hour of use is equivalent to driving a car at 100 mph.
A circle image with various components pictured, such as leaves, trees, and other debris.

Gas-powered leaf blowers have the potential to cause severe damage to our environment, so it’s imperative that we use alternatives, like ZoomBroom, to preserve the integrity of our ozone layer.

Running on battery power, ZoomBroom is the eco-friendly replacement for dangerous gas leaf blowers.

Not to mention, the handle of the ZoomBroom is made from recyclable aluminum, and the motor housing is made from durable ABS plastic. In total, the ZoomBroom uses 80% less plastic than your typical leaf blower.

  • It’s Lightweight and Easy on the Ears: Standard leaf blowers can weigh anywhere north of six pounds and emit noises so loud that they’ll leave your ears ringing long after you use them. The ZoomBroom was specifically designed to combat these exact features, while providing users with a tool that offers versatility and prime utilization.

    The ZoomBroom only weighs two pounds, which is roughly the same weight as a push broom. Its lightweight feature offers a nice balance, so users can manage it with ease.

Leaf Blower Noise Infographic

More importantly, the ZoomBroom emits less than 55 decibels and is guaranteed not to disturb your neighbors with every use.

As a reference, a typical electric leaf blower operates at 65 decibels, 4-stroke backpack blowers are at 70-80 decibels, and 2-stroke backpack blowers exceed 90 decibels.

At 55 decibels, the ZoomBroom is slightly louder than a soft whisper and quieter than a normal conversation.

But wait – we know what you’re thinking – “Is it just as powerful as a normal leaf blower?”

Just because it’s quiet doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. The turbo boost feature on the ZoomBroom provides over 100 mph wind that is sure to clear away the toughest debris.

  • ZoomBroom Offers Unique Versatility: ZoomBroom isn’t your dad’s average leaf blower — it’s so much more. We designed this one-of-a-kind tool for more than just your standard lawn care needs. Unlike a leaf blower, ZoomBroom can be used to clean dirt, debris, and leaves off of your deck area, patio, steps, and sidewalk.
‘LEAF’ That Bulky Leaf Blower Behind & Grab Your Lightweight ZoomBroom ASAP
Forget dragging out the old and clunky leaf blower from the shed to clear the area of dirt, debris, and leftover leaves from the early spring.

Let’s not mention the overwhelming smell of gas, or the fact that your ears might ring for the next hour or two, but at least your backyard looks nice, right?

Two Men are Laughing at the Simplicity of Their Outdoor Chores Thanks to ZoomBroom - ZoomBroom

We had a chuckle ourselves, as well.

Wouldn’t it be much more efficient and convenient if you could find a way to clean your outdoor living areas without the unnecessary noises, smells, heavyweight equipment, short-lasting battery power, and so on, and so on?

Don’t settle for those heavy leaf blowers and the worry of where or how to store them properly due their bulky size and weight.

Woman with Back pack leaf blower

Tidying up your outdoor living space just got a lot easier with ZoomBroom.

Now, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy those summer days with the convenience that the power of technology and innovation that ZoomBroom offers.

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