The Many Uses of the One-of-a-Kind ZoomBroom

A lady is cleaning her walkway with the lightweight and cordless ZoomBroom.

Now that we are in the heat of the summer, it’s time to break out those iconic outdoor games and plan your next blowout BBQ.

But before you can commence these fun summer activities, it’s important to make sure that your front and backyard are in pinnacle shape from the previous fall and winter seasons, including keeping your patio spick and span with a reliable and efficient patio blower.

An image of the words "Summer is Here" written in the sand on a beach near the water - ZoomBroom

Once the rainy spring season starts to clear up and the glorious summer makes its appearance, homeowners are left with a mess of dirt, debris, and leaves that need to be cleaned up. 

Raking is a good way to put a dent in all the yard work that needs to be completed, but it surely will take more than a few hours to cover all your ground. 

Leaf blowers are also a decent option for the job, but their loud nature and heaviness will leave your ears ringing and back aching for the rest of the evening. 

Luckily, there’s an even better alternative to these two tools that will enable you to get the work done in half the time and without any unnecessary exertion.

Best Uses of the ZoomBroom

Designed and powered by innovative technology, the ZoomBroom is the first cordless air-broom of its kind. Whether you’re a home, business, or property owner, the ZoomBroom is the perfect piece of equipment for those who are in need of a quick and easy way to keep their outdoor spaces free from dirt, debris, and leaves.

Not sure if the ZoomBroom is right for you? These examples of the best ways to use the ZoomBroom should help sway your decision:

  • Bring it with you to the golf course: Who needs a caddy when you can bring your ZoomBroom along with you on the golf course? The ZoomBroom Golf Breeze Lightweight Air-Broom enables golfers to effortlessly sweep away leaves and debris from the putting green with a flick of the wrist. This innovative tool mimics the general size and shape of a golf club and fits perfectly in your golf bag. With the Golf Breeze Air-Broom, you won’t have to worry about those aimless searches for missing golf balls and will be able to put more effort and focus into the fun of the game.


A woman playing golf on a golf course that could benefit from the ZoomBroom Golf Breeze to clear impediments off of the green for the perfect shot.

  • Use it as a leaf blower: With its unique innovation, the ZoomBroom can also be fashioned as a leaf blower. Large leaf blowers may seem like they make the chore of collecting leaves easy, but their bulky size, heavyweight, and ear-piercing noises make the experience unenjoyable for yourself and anyone in close vicinity. Luckily, the ZoomBroom Tornado was expert-designed to be light, sleek, and easy to store. Importantly, the ZoomBroom emits minimal noise, so you can go about your yard work peacefully — trust us, your neighbors will thank you later.


  • Keep your patio and deck spick and span: Universal utilization is one of ZoomBroom’s greatest features. Not only is it designed to keep those fall leaves off of your lawn, but it can be used to clean off your deck and patio in time for the beautiful weather the spring and summer brings along. Its cordless nature enables users to bring it outside to clear away dirt and debris from tough-to-clean areas.
  • Give it a whirl on your driveway and sidewalk: The ZoomBroom’s one-of-a-kind features aren’t limited to the backyard — give it a whirl on your driveway and sidewalk on those post-windy days that leave your front yard a little messy.
An image of a man on a ladder doing yardwork and outdoor chores to keep his outdoor living spaces clean and beautiful - ZoomBroom

Outdoor chores just became much easier with the help of ZoomBroom. Effective and efficient outdoor cleaning is possible when you have a tool that’s been refined from the standard, bulky leaf blower. Now, you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space with family and friends without having to break a sweat — or your back — cleaning it.

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