Pros and Cons of Using a Leaf Blower

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The delicate transition between seasons is always a time that boasts some of nature’s greatest beauty — especially when the winter frost starts to fade, and the springtime sun finally peeks out from behind the clouds.

Although these seasonal changes are exciting, homeowners know that plenty of yard work and maintenance is needed in the coming weeks.

A man is using a rake to clean the leaves and other debris off of his yard as the season changes from winter to spring.

With the change of the seasons comes fallen leaves, debris, and plant growth that will need to be tended to in order to keep the front and backyard in excellent shape. Neglecting this required maintenance will only result in piles of sodden leaves that will kill your grass and stain your deck and patio.

While it’s no walk in the park, it’s time to break out your landscaping tools and get to work, like your reliable, lightweight leaf blower.

When there’s so much yard work to get done, which tool do you use for maximum efficiency — a rake or a leaf blower?

Is a Leaf Blower the Right Equipment for You?

Although a rake provides users with more precision in collecting leaves, many homeowners enjoy the benefits of a leaf blower.

Usually, homeowners use a leaf blower to shift the leaves into a few piles and then use the rake to transfer them into a trash bag.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of homeownership and are looking for the best yard work tools, a leaf blower is certainly a decent option.

However, it’s important to note that every tool has its array of advantages and disadvantages, including leaf blowers.

Fortunately, we’ve outlined some of the basic pros and cons for you below:

  • Pro: Leaf Blowers are Time Savers: As we mentioned before, rakes offer users a more precise means of gathering leaves, but it certainly will take time to complete the job. On the other hand, leaf blowers are quick to use and will save you time in the long run.
  • Con: They are Costly: Like any piece of machinery, leaf blowers are known to run a high price tag for reputable models. Depending on the brand and size you need, leaf blowers can range anywhere from $250 to over $500. Small to midsize models average less than $350 but are more expensive than cordless blowers. Of course, you can always find leaf blower options that are less and $100, but you’ll have to consider its integrity for such a low price.

Money dumped in a tipped over trash bin to symbolize the money wasted on expensive leaf blowers.

  • Pro: Leaf Blowers Provide Versatility: Leaf blowers can be used on more than just leaves. With the right make and model, many homeowners like to use their blowers for snow and even grass clippings. Keep in mind, snow that is heavy and icy will be difficult to blow away, but many leaf blowers can manage snow that is light, powdery, and only an inch or so deep.
  • Con: Leaf Blowers are Loud: Due to their intensity, leaf blowers are notoriously noisy — especially if they are gas-powered. Be warned, neighbors often get annoyed at the persistent use of leaf blowers, and the noise can even disturb birds and wildlife. Not to mention, many individuals who use leaf blowers have to invest in earplugs, or their ears will be ringing for hours after use. If loud noises are often a bother to you and the people around you, it’s wise to look into other options that emit less noise.

Although leaf blowers offer users plenty of advantages, it’s important to consider the disadvantages as well.

If you decide to invest in a typical leaf blower, please be aware that you will also need to purchase the right protective wear in order to stay safe with each use.

Make sure that you have the right hearing protection like earplugs to preserve your eardrums. You’ll also want to make sure you have goggles and gloves to protect your hands and eyes from flying dirt and debris.

A young woman is holding her ears from the loud noise of a bulky gas leaf blower outside.

Leaf blowers are sure to make yard work much easier and faster as the seasons start to transition.

However, if this piece of equipment doesn’t feel like the right match, there are plenty of other options available, like the ZoomBroom Tornado.

Unlike leaf blowers, the ZoomBroom is cordless, lightweight, and virtually noiseless.

It enables users to get the job done in half the time and without unnecessary overexertion.

Learn more about this unique and innovative tool by signing up for our newsletter or to secure your pre-order here.

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