Outdoor Equipment to Add to Your WishList in 2022

A young woman using the ZoomBroom Tornado, which made the list for one of the best pieces of outdoor equipment to have in 2022.

With each passing month, every handy homeowner has a list of season-specific outdoor chores that need to be completed to keep their property in great shape.

From conducting routine yard maintenance to cleaning up debris from a storm, or tending to new landscaping, every task requires sturdy tools to get the job done right.

However, with the right assortment of outdoor equipment, yard work can become less tedious, more efficient, and most importantly, user-safe!

If you’re in the market to upgrade your yard work equipment for the coming year, you’ll want to check out some of these efficient and effective options below:

  • Electric Hedge Trimmers: When it comes to landscaping, nothing is more intimidating than having to navigate loud, heavy, gas-powered hedge trimmers. Their bulky size and noisy nature make it hard for homeowners — no matter how practiced they are — to get a solid grip on and control of the hedge trimmer. With ease and convenience being a popular trend, notable brands have decided to make the switch from loud and bulky to light and lithe. Now in a more efficient hand-held design, electric hedge trimmers enable users to get all their trimming and landscaping needs completed without overexertion. For 2022, you’ll want to add electric hedge trimmers to your list of must-have tools.

An image of electric hedge trimmers, which made the list for one of the best pieces of outdoor equipment to have in 2022.

  • ZoomBroom Tornado: Why buy a hefty leaf blower when you can invest in something more lightweight and versatile? The ZoomBroom Tornado is not your father’s leaf blower and provides homeowners with a unique and easy way to keep their outdoor spaces clean. Offering convenient storage, auto-charging features, and extended run times, this cordless air broom should be on every homeowner’s wish list.

  • Electric Pole Saw: If plenty of trees surround your home and neighborhood, you may want to consider adding a pole saw to your collection of yard work tools. Pole saws are quite handy when you need to trim unhealthy or precariously hanging branches from trees in your yard. Most quality electric pole saws have an adjustable, telescoping pole that enables users to reach hard-to-reach branches.

An image of an electric pole saw, which made the list for one of the best pieces of outdoor equipment to have in 2022.

Expert Tip: Once you’re done cutting down branches, use your ZoomBroom Tornado to clear away and debris and tree trimmings that are left in your yard.

  • Battery-Powered Lawn Mower: Yes, you read that right — battery-powered lawn mowers, are real and homeowners love them! Many battery-powered, self-propelled mowers can cut grass for over an hour on just a single battery charge. Without the need for gas, these mowers save homeowners plenty of money and trips to the gas station to fill up and stock up. Most importantly, with zero emissions, battery-powered mowers are eco-friendly.

An image of a man putting a battery in a battery-powered lawn mower, which made the list for one of the best pieces of outdoor equipment to have in 2022.

We’re officially over the halfway mark to the new year, so you’ll want to start putting together your must-have list of tools for 2022. 

The tools listed above, like battery-powered lawn blowers, are excellent options for holiday, birthday, and anniversary presents and will surely make that special someone’s life easier for routine yard work.

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