Say HELLO to The Ultimate Yard Work Companion

A man and woman each are using the ZoomBroom Tornado indoors to clean dust, dirt, and other debris off their staircase and high-reach points within their home - ZoomBroom

Say HELLO đź‘‹ to the Ultimate Yard Work Companion

The true joys of homeownership come from the ability to put all the special and unique touches that turn the four walls of your house into a home, a sanctuary. 

While there is much pride and accomplishment in homeownership, there’s also a great deal of responsibility. Maintaining a home is no simple task, and there’s always a project to be done — whether it’s within the interior of your home, its exterior, or the yard around it.

No matter the time of year, yard work is a job that never seems to end. 

Whether you’re prepping your garden for the early winter frost, gathering up the leaves from the previous fall, or making sure your backyard is in tip-top shape for summer activities, there’s always a task at hand that needs to be completed. 

Luckily, savvy homeowners know that there are an array of outdoor tools and equipment like battery-powered blowers that make these sometimes-tedious jobs more bearable.

Advantages of a Battery-Powered Blower

One of the best pieces of yard work equipment to have in your shed is a cordless, battery-powered blower — sometimes referred to as an air-broom.

Unlike the standard leaf blower, battery-powered blowers like the ZoomBroom are lightweight, quiet, and easy to charge.

However, don’t let these convenient qualities fool you, cordless and electric blowers are just as powerful as leaf blowers, and depending on the model, they can even provide more power.

With hundreds of tools on the market, finding the best option for all your outdoor needs can be tricky, which is why it’s important to invest in equipment that offers ample versatility and ease of use — like a battery-powered blower.

Providing countless benefits, cordless blowers are a must-have for any homeowner with a lengthy list of outdoor cleaning projects. Here are a few examples of advantages that the ZoomBroom Tornado and ZoomBroom Golf Breeze offer users:

  • Excellent Mobility: Without being at the mercy of short, annoying electrical cords, yard work is easier to manage with a battery-powered blower. Standard electric leaf blowers will require you to be near a power source, hindering your ability to give your outdoor space the full attention it needs. On the other hand, gas-powered leaf blowers offer this same advantage, but they emit toxins like carbon monoxide that’s dangerous to users and the environment. Luckily, cordless blowers answer both problems by powering maximum mobility with eco-friendly qualities. Using the power of batteries, air brooms provide users with the ability to work anywhere and everywhere. Excellent mobility generates restriction-free work.
A man in a wheelchair is able to easily use the ZoomBroom Tornado to clear off his walk way because of the ease of mobility - ZoomBroom
  • Maximum Versatility: Another fantastic advantage to these types of blowers is the unique versatility they provide to homeowners. Cleaning up leaves isn’t its sole use! Air brooms can be used to clean up dirt, debris, and leaves from anywhere around your home. This can include your driveway, sidewalk, patio, deck, and more.
  • Maximum Versatility: Another fantastic advantage to battery-powered blowers is the unique versatility they provide to homeowners. Cleaning up leaves isn’t its sole use! Battery-powered air brooms can be used to clean up dirt, debris, and leaves from anywhere around your home. This can include your driveway, sidewalk, patio, deck, and more.


  • Convenient and Easy to Maintain: Unlike big, bulky leaf blowers, cordless blowers provide homeowners with ultimate convenience. Since models like the ZoomBroom are sleek and lightweight, they are much easier to handle and store. Those with compact charging stations can be kept in a closet or in a corner out of sight.


  • Quieter than the Average Leaf Blower: In comparison to gas and electric leaf blowers, battery-powered blowers are far quieter, making yard work easy, breezy, and more peaceful for you and your neighbors. In fact, many neighborhoods in certain cities have gone as far as banning gas leaf blowers due to the excessive noise they create, which is why a battery-powered blower continues to be the prime yard work tool.

Make Your Yard Work Chores Much Easier for You Today

The advantages of an air broom are far-ranging — just like its mobility — and prove to be every homeowner’s and business owner’s faithful yard work companion time and time again.

For more information regarding cordless blowers, check out ZoomBroom’s selection of effective and efficient air brooms.

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