Top Specifically-Designed Garden Products for Women

A woman gardening outside with gardening tools made for women. - ZoomBroom

We need to break out of the ‘one size fits all’ model for agricultural and gardening equipment, and we put some resources into garden products specifically designed for women.

Despite the fact that we are all equal, we’re not all the same size or proportion. Because of these differences, tools that work well for men may not be as useful for women. 

A young woman gardening with tools made specifically for women gardeners, like the ZoomBroom. - ZoomBroom

According to research, the bodies of women tend to have lower upper-body strength, lower lower-body strength, a lower center of gravity, proportionally shorter limbs, smaller hands, and less grip strength than the bodies of men.

So, What Garden Products Are Most Suitable for Women?


With HERShovel, farm and garden tools can now be purchased for women that are designed specifically for women’s bodies. Hergonomic® is a trademark of the company and a means of making tools and equipment that are easier, safer, more comfortable, and more effective for women.


An older woman using the ZoomBroom Tornado to sweep away debris, leaves, and other impediments near her garden. - ZoomBroom

With the ZoomBroom Tornado, women have many advantages in quickly and efficiently cleaning both indoor and outdoor spaces. Some of the major benefits of the ZoomBroom for women include: 

  • The freedom with movement and use
  • The use of battery power over gas
  • Simplicity of use and movement
  • The lightweight and cordless features
  • The versatility of where the tool can clean away debris, dust, leaves, and other unwanted items indoors and outdoors
  • Quiet operating features
  • Powerful bursts to get even the toughest debris away
  • Eco-friendly features
  • Easy to charge and store


Williams Sonoma Gardening Basket:

The antique-inspired basket is perfect for bringing your harvest inside. A gray-washed mango wood frame and top handle make this design easy to carry. It features an iron wire grid body and a gray-washed mango wood body. An outdoor finish of lacquer is applied to the mango wood features to protect them against the weather. With this timeless beauty, you’ll enjoy picking pesky weeds as well as fresh-cut blooms.

Thai Kitchen Garden Shears:

This set of garden shears is the ideal tool for clipping chives or roses. Their handles were carved from pradu wood and their blades are made from stainless steel. They were made by artisans in Thailand. With their comfort and sharpness, they can be used in almost any environment, whether in the kitchen or on the farm. Your favorite home gardeners and chefs will appreciate the gift bags that the plants arrive in.

Rusty Rose Kit:

Imagine a beautifully pink meadow flower that is as unique as it is mesmerizing. Imagine watering it with a hose just as beautiful. It doesn’t get any better than that. In light rusty pink, this garden hose, hose rack, and nozzle combo will make you feel like the princess of your own fairytale. Although it is an eye-catching color, this beauty is suitable for a variety of facade types. Three different fittings come with the nozzle: one for Scandinavian faucets, one for US faucets, and one for taps in the rest of the world (3/4″). This means that the fittings can be used anywhere.

Agrarian Tool Basket:

Garden accessories are well organized and easy to find in thie basket. The rattan is thick and handwoven. Additional storage is provided by pockets and hand ties on the canvas sleeves. Gift sets can be packaged in the basket as well. The basket is made of a lightweight yet durable rattan material. The strong, twisted rattan handle is an efficient, easy-to-handle addition to this tool. A durable food-safe veneer is applied over the antique brown finish to create Rattan. An easy-to-remove canvas liner is fastened with Velcro. Three ties allow for additional storage. A machine-washable liner is included. This basket measures 10 1/2″ in diameter and 12″ high; it is 19 1/4″ high including the handle.

Invest in the Best for Your Garden Products Today

A woman gardening outside with gardening tools made for women. - ZoomBroom

Tools for women are more suited to the size and balance of our bodies, allowing us to use our center of gravity to its full potential. These tools allow women to garden more effectively because of their fit and design. 

If you are a woman gardener, take fitness, weight, height, and use into consideration when selecting tools. You might be wasting money if you don’t make sure the machine has enough juice. In addition to being comfortable, the gardener’s hand tools should provide enough leverage and last a long time.

Our bodies change as we age, so this last part is particularly true. In order to prevent unnecessary injuries while gardening, tools for older people should be ergonomic and lightweight. Moreover, garden tools are used differently by women than by men. 

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