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An elderly lady using cleaning products for seniors to clean her kitchen countertop. - ZoomBroom

Over the past decade, seniors over 65 have become increasingly active. Nevertheless, aging gracefully does not necessarily mean you aren’t catching up with the experiences you’ve had.

You may find cleaning the house more challenging these days due to a health condition, pain or the fact that you are simply tired of years and years of household chores.

An elderly woman is holding a basket of cleaning supplies as she tries to easily clean her house with the most efficient tools for seniors. - ZoomBroom

Here are some tools to make things easier:

An elderly lady using the ZoomBroom Tornado to clear leaves and debris from her driveway. - ZoomBroom

The ZoomBroom Tornado is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy for anyone from nine to 90 to use. It was designed specifically to clean the hard surfaces in your outdoor living areas and those hard-to-reach indoor areas that need a good dusting. In fact, this is the first air-broom designed from the ground up, not a re-design of an old leaf blower. It’s one of the most powerful cordless air-broom under 2.1 pounds and includes a portable charging base that fits almost anywhere in your home, which keeps the ZoomBroom charged without removing the battery. It also offers a Turbo-Boost option that provides an extra burst of power to loosen the toughest debris and impediments.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Winbot X is cordless (rather than only offering a battery backup). Cleaning is performed through four different stages, followed by a “premium” squeegee stage, ensuring thorough cleaning. Various standard features are available, including edge detection and safety ropes. As far as a mobile app goes, the Ecovacs Winbot X does not have one, but it does have a remote to adjust the settings.

The brush can be moved across the surface to clean more thoroughly. Put the brush between each slat of the blind so that you can clean them more effectively. This product is easy to wash and rustproof, as well as detachable. It is also easily cleanable and more durable to use. It can effectively remove dust or dirt from blinds, windows, or air conditioners by using high-quality fibers. In addition, it easily penetrates grooves, removes dirt, decontaminates thoroughly, easy and effortless.

The ASC is able to eliminate MRSA infection, prevent lime scale buildup and remove dirt and grime at the touch of a button. You can make sure you thoroughly clean your shower with its spinning pressurized head. You can use the ASC to clean any type of shower, including glass and curtains. 

Get rid of the crud from your microwave by using steam! Just add vinegar and water, and microwave for seven minutes. Microwave dirt and stains are softened with steam from mama’s head! First, remove the hair from Angry Mama’s head and body. Fill in the lines on her body with vinegar and water. For a pleasant scent, squeeze a squeeze of lemon juice (or essence) into the liquid. Beware of overfilling as it may cause the liquid to boil over. After replacing her head and hair, microwave on high for seven seconds, then let stand for two minutes more. Remove Angry Mama from the microwave by the arms, which will stay cool. Soak a sponge with the remaining liquid to clean the microwave.

As our Grandfathers taught us: “Let the tool do the work” and “For any job, use the right tool.”

An elderly man is cleaning out his sink thinking of products specifically made for seniors. - ZoomBroom

As people age, they will find it easier to handle housework if cleaning tools are simpler to use, such as the above tools.

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