Preparing Your Yard & Outdoor Living Spaces for the Changes in Seasons

An image of Fall coming with leaves falling on the grass that will need to be cleaned up with efficient outdoor equipment. - ZoomBroom

In addition to the end of summer marking the end of barbecues, parties, and informal gatherings, some believe it also marks the end of summertime outdoor fun.

But you can extend your outdoor fun throughout the fall and far into the winter with just a few design elements, like preparing your yard and outdoor living spaces for weather changes.

These tips will help you enjoy your yard year-round:

Heat It Up!

Simply adding a source of heat to seating areas can help extend your time spent outside. You can also gather around a fire and drink hot beverages or roast marshmallows in addition to warming cold guests. 

Whether things need to be heated permanently or temporarily, these options can help:

  • An outdoor firepit
  • Fireplace
  • A heater for the outdoors

A group of friends enjoying an outdoor dinner with string lights to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is changing. - ZoomBroom
Maximize Your Outdoor Lighting:
String lights and lanterns are perfect for setting a festive mood in the summer when preparing your yard and outdoor living spaces. Add more lighting and re-adjust your timers in the fall when it gets darker earlier. There are numerous types of lighting fixtures, including solar lights, LED lights, and path markers and spotlights.

Ensure Your Outdoor Furniture is Waterproof:

Weather-resistant patio furniture is essential if you wish to enjoy your outdoor space well beyond the summer. Using teak, powder-coated steel, and polyresin wicker furniture, you can enjoy your furniture for many seasons to come. When it rains or snows, make sure it is covered and cushions and pillows are inside.

Maintain Quality Tools to Assist in Keeping Your Outdoor Living Spaces Clean:

A man is using the ZoomBroom Tornado to clear away leaves and other debris from his walkways as the weather begins to change. - ZoomBroom

A quality item, like a lightweight, battery-powered blower, can be an expensive investment, but it will last a long time and pay off if it is properly handled. By properly storing, cleaning, and maintaining your devices, you can save time and money while making your projects and jobs much more efficient.

Hot Tub, Anyone?

A hot tub on a deck that can be used when the weather changes so people can still enjoy their outdoor living spaces. - ZoomBroom

It’s not surprising that hot tubs are so popular all year long: they make you feel nice, warm, and relaxed no matter what the season. When the weather cools down, it’s especially relaxing. You can enjoy the tub any time, whether you’re alone, with friends, or following a game or evening out.

Keep That Garden Blooming with the Right Tools:

A ZoomBroom Tornado is being stored in the corner of a home, ready for prepping outdoor living spaces for weather changes. - ZoomBroom

Your porch, deck, or patio, near your house, is the ideal place for growing seasonal flowers, herbs, and vegetables. The more you spend time outside, even if you have to wear a jacket and gloves, the more likely you are to become accustomed to spending time outside. If you’ve completed your winter gardening chores outside – including preparing your yard and outdoor living spaces – enjoy the ambiance in your cozy space.

Efficient tools, like the ZoomBroom Tornado, can help year-round in clearing leaves, dirt, and other debris off of your garden and outdoor living spaces.

Cozy It Up!

By adding lighting and sources of heat, you can keep yourself warm outside, but try to create an atmosphere that feels intimate. By adding pillows, throws, and blankets to your patio, you can turn it into a true outdoor living room where you can enjoy gazing at the stars or enjoying a warm beverage with a friend.

Invest in Patio or Deck Enclosures or Covers:

It is more likely that you will stay outdoors when the weather becomes cooler and darker if you have a patio roof or covered gazebo. A privacy screen or enclosure will partition off part of your outdoor room or yard, which will temporarily protect you from the elements, so that you’ll feel protected from the elements with outdoor curtains.

Your favorite garden tool, cordless air-broom, grill, or outdoor lawn chairs will last longer if you take care of them properly. Besides, they are not always cheap to replace!

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