Should Eco-Friendly be a Feature You Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Equipment?

The time has come for everyone to come together in a crisis, including those dealing with climate change.

Climate change will exhaust the planet’s carbon budget. Some say that green companies will save the planet. There is a need for more green companies to help the world with this issue.

Hands holding a heart of grass, symbolizing the importance of companies making an effort to go green to protect the environment. - ZoomBroom

Greening companies can help with that.

What Exactly are Greening Companies?

Green companies are those that are not yet low carbon but are seriously committed to becoming so. This means that they have credible plans for transforming their operations and becoming greener. 

These are companies that know the world is changing – companies that see the opportunity and are working to make it happen. As important as supporting green companies is backing these companies in transition.

How Do Greening Companies Help the World?

A sign that reads Go Green with a sky in the background.

In order to achieve net zero, energy supply and demand need to undergo massive, unprecedented, and sustained changes. Companies that wish to become low-carbon can only achieve that if we actively encourage and include them. 

There should be as many of them as possible working towards global decarbonization. It must also be an inclusive process.

Showing Support for Greening Companies

We need to support greening companies in order to facilitate a just transition, while preventing massive disruption to people’s lives. By using green policies like carbon pricing, we can reward companies who take steps to reduce carbon emissions and penalize those who do not.  

Greening companies offer both long-term value and greening potential to investors who are looking for a balanced portfolio.

By accelerated transition, society can encourage companies to go green. It is to be understood that there can be no single standard for net zero or a single path to it. In addition to the various pathways, there are also a variety of ways in which companies can assist. 

The greening industry should, in return for this support, demonstrate its commitment and progress towards achieving its targets and aims.   

Companies that are greening need to aim for net zero. 

Develop a timeline with interim aims and targets that outlines a realistic way to reach the goal. 

Provide a strategy that will allow them to achieve their goals, while remaining a successful business.

Employers, suppliers, and retailers can play a role in a just transition by using their connections to communities.

Credible and committed greening companies are what the world needs.  

How ZoomBroom is Going Green with Eco-Friendly Features

A man using the ZoomBroom Golf Breeze as an eco-friendly tool to clear the putting green for a better putt. - ZoomBroom

The handle of the ZoomBroom is made from recyclable aluminum, and the motor housing is made from durable ABS plastic. 

We have worked diligently to reduce the amount of plastic used in the ZoomBroom. 

It now contains less than 20% of the amount of plastic found in leaf blowers.

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