The Holidays May Be Coming to an End … But, Keep Your Eyes Open for the Gifts You Must Have on Your 2022 Gift Wishlist

Storing Holiday decorations

Who doesn’t love the wonderful holiday season?  Gift-giving is synonymous with the holidays and choosing unique and exciting gifts can add stress to anyone’s holiday season.  Our gift lists include family, bosses, co-workers, neighbors, hairdressers, and many others. Our goal is to find thoughtful, unique presents that the recipient will appreciate and use. Below are […]

Home Cleaning Products for Seniors

An elderly lady using cleaning products for seniors to clean her kitchen countertop. - ZoomBroom

Over the past decade, seniors over 65 have become increasingly active. Nevertheless, aging gracefully does not necessarily mean you aren’t catching up with the experiences you’ve had. You may find cleaning the house more challenging these days due to a health condition, pain or the fact that you are simply tired of years and years […]

Outdoor Equipment to Add to Your WishList in 2022

A young woman using the ZoomBroom Tornado, which made the list for one of the best pieces of outdoor equipment to have in 2022.

With each passing month, every handy homeowner has a list of season-specific outdoor chores that need to be completed to keep their property in great shape. From conducting routine yard maintenance to cleaning up debris from a storm, or tending to new landscaping, every task requires sturdy tools to get the job done right. However, […]