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ZoomBroom not only helps clear the golf course and your outdoor living spaces, but it also is a cordless air-broom for your home chores.

In fact, ZoomBroom has the capability to reach those impossible spots to clear away the dust and dirt that would normally be ignored for who knows how long.

What other important factors should be considered when choosing to switch from a typical leaf blower to a battery-powered air-broom? Plenty. 

Keep on scrolling to find out all you need to know about ZoomBroom.

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about ZoomBroom and the products we offer.

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First and foremost, we didn’t start out building a better leaf blower. We wanted to build a better way to clean your outdoor living areas. So, we started from the ground up to build the best air-broom that we could make. Our patented construction puts the fan close to the ground – where it is most effective – and places the batteries in the slim handle to eliminate the awkward battery pack. 

Sure you can, but that’s not what we were designing. The ZoomBroom is for those much more common tasks like cleaning off your deck, patio, steps, and sidewalk where convenience and ease of use are more important than a huge amount of airflow and noise. A big, bulky leaf blower will move a lot more leaves than a ZoomBroom, but it is also a lot noisier, much heavier, and next to impossible to store. 

The ZoomBroom Tornado weighs just slightly over 2 lbs., about the same weight as a push broom. It is nicely balanced so that it feels like it weighs even less. Any leaf blower or yard broom weighs in at over 6 lbs.!

The run time for the battery will depend on how you use it, but it will typically run for over 30 minutes. If you run it on standard speed only, it will last for up to 40 minutes. Using the Turbo-boost will reduce the run time. Our users have found that a typical cleaning chore takes less than 10 minutes, so there is plenty of battery life!

The ZoomBroom charges automatically in its storage stand or wall hanger. There is no battery to remove or cord to plug in – just set it in and forget it! After a typical 10-minute use, it will be fully recharged in less than an hour.

The home version of the ZoomBroom, the Tornado, comes in five colors to match your décor: white, red, silver, pistachio, and aqua. 

The ZoomBroom and its storage stations are NOT waterproof, so they should not be stored or used where they are exposed to rain or water. However, we are working on a waterproof model. Any battery-powered equipment should be properly stored in an area that will be between 32 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 27 Celsius).

As with any product containing a battery, motor, and fan, caution and common sense should be used in operating it. Remember:

  • NEVER let children play with it or use it.
  • NEVER put your fingers or any object into the intake or exhaust slots.
  • NEVER try to take it apart. Contact us for any repairs or replacements.
  • DISPOSE OF IT PROPERLY to avoid any danger from the battery.
  • KEEP YOUR HAIR away from the intake vents.

Absolutely! The ZoomBroom is perfect for cleaning store entryways, hotel porticos, restaurant patios, and manufacturing shipping areas. Let us know how you use your ZoomBroom!

The handle of the ZoomBroom is made from recyclable aluminum, and the motor housing is made from durable ABS plastic. We have worked diligently to reduce the amount of plastic used in the ZoomBroom. It now contains less than 20% of the amount of plastic found in leaf blowers.

We can’t give away all of our competitive secrets, but we have a lot of additional features and models in development. Do you have an idea for an improvement or new use? Let us know about your suggestions.

Our team of passionate inventors wanted to create an easy-to-use, yet high-quality, cleaning product for the average homeowner and property management.

The ZoomBroom is an efficient, powerful product that is not only an excellent alternative for homeowners, but it is also an ideal alternative to leaf blowers for businesses.

From patio and deck air-brooms to driveways, sidewalks, and walkways to high-ceiling fans and hard-to-reach indoor areas, the ZoomBroom makes your chores much easier and quickly with effective results.

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