A man is placing the ZoomBroom Golf Breeze in his golf bag easily without taking up too much room.
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An image of the ZoomBroom Golf Breeze charging on it simple and efficient wall charger, taking up minimal storage room - ZoomBroom
Floor stand and charger
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ZoomBroom Features
Golf Breeze on Wall Charger
Wall Charging Station
Optional Floor charger
Optional Floor Charging Station
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An image of the ZoomBroom Golf Breeze in black - ZoomBroom
Golf Breeze Video
Golf Breeze colors
An image of a golfer placing his ZoomBroom Golf Breeze into his Golf Bag - ZoomBroom
ZoomBroom Features
An image of the ZoomBroom Golf Breeze charing on its simple and efficient wall charger, taking up minimal storage - ZoomBroom
Optional Floor charger
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ZoomBroomTM Golf Breeze Lightweight Cordless Air-Broom for Home or Golf Course with Charging Hanger

Model #ZG12W 


  • Quickly and easily sweep decks and patios
  • Clears putting greens
  • Fits in your golf bag
  • Extremely lightweight
  • A run-time of 40 minutes
  • Auto charges

This item is not yet available. The expected date for pre-orders is August 2021.

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How many times do you find yourself trying to sweep away leaves or other loose impediments from your line of putt so that you have a clear path to the cup? One too many, in most cases.

Don’t worry – we solved this issue for you with our Golf Breeze air-broom. Not only does this one-of-a-kind piece of equipment fit perfectly in your golf bag for easy access, but it is very lightweight while still maintaining the power needed to sweep away debris quickly. This allows you to improve your putting without slowing the pace of play.

With a 40-minute run time, the Golf Breeze will have plenty of life to clear the greens on several rounds before needing to be charged.

What are some other benefits of the ZoomBroom Golf Breeze lightweight air-broom?

First, this equipment helps you find hidden golf balls that have ended up under a pile of leaves or other debris. Second, it is powerful enough to remove bunker sand as well as leaves from the green so that you can get a true roll on your putt. Third, it is the lightest air-broom on the market – weighing under two pounds.

In addition, forget removing the battery when you need to charge your Golf Breeze. Simply stick it on the wall-mounted charger with the battery still in place to charge the equipment for your next round of golf.

Our lightweight golf debris blower also comes with a Turbo-Boost feature to enhance the power of the equipment to remove the toughest debris.

It is also great around the house. You will find yourself grabbing your Golf Breeze to clean out the garage and blow off the patio and steps.

What are you waiting for? Get in the game with the ZoomBroom Golf Breeze lightweight and cordless air-broom today.

While enjoying your game of golf, it is often quite the inconvenience to keep leaves, debris, and other impediments off of the green.

Now, you could always take your time and those waiting behind you to stop at each hole and physically remove all of the impediments on the course (which can be extremely time-consuming).

OR, you could go with a much more efficient option and purchase a golf course leaf blower. The ZoomBroom Golf Breeze golf leaf blower is a lightweight, cordless air-broom that quickly and effectively clears your turf to enhance your golf game through clear paths on the course.

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