Our mission is to provide high-quality products that people can rely on to exceed their expectations. As a team, we continually challenge ourselves to find ways to make our products even better and offer the best value for our customers.

The ZoomBroom is one of the top quality outdoor tools that we are proud to introduce to the public to simplify their indoor and outdoor cleaning chores.

We all know that yard care and maintenance, cleaning your outdoor living spaces, and getting to those hard-to-reach indoor areas that need a good dusting are all daunting tasks that can be both time-consuming and difficult to find the right tool for the job. 

This is why our mission is to provide quality outdoor tools, like the ZoomBroom, that are versatile, sleek, lightweight, and require minimal storage, while still effectively getting the job at hand completed.


To create the most efficient and cost-effective products for homeowners and business owners to make everyday tasks simpler.

Part of this vision is to create cost-effective outdoor equipment that takes away the disadvantages of dangerous and bulky power tools, but still provides the power and efficiency needed for anyone from nine to 90-years-old to handle everyday chores and tasks.

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