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ZoomBroom Tornado Features
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Zoombroom Red Tornado
ZoomBroom Tornado Video Overview
ZoomBroom Tornado In Stand 5 Colors
ZoomBroom Tornado Features
Floor charger
Wall Charger
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ZoomBroomTM Tornado Lightweight Cordless Air-Broom with Charging Stand

Model #ZT12F  


  • Sweeps decks and patios easily and quickly
  • Convenient for storage
  • Very lightweight
  • 40-minute run time
  • Auto-charging

This item is not yet available. The expected date for pre-orders is August 2021.

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For all homeowners, business owners, and property owners, a leaf blower is a necessity for keeping your yards free of leaves and other debris. However, leaf blowers tend to have a negative association with loud noise, bulky and heavy equipment, difficultly storing the equipment, non-environmentally friendly, and simply inconvenient for many people. While they are great for spring and fall clean-up, they are just a nuisance to use for all of the common, everyday cleaning of outdoor living areas.

What is the Ideal Solution?

The ZoomBroom Tornado lightweight, cordless air-broom with a charging stand.

Whether you need a lightweight and powerful piece of outdoor equipment, similar to a leaf blower (but better), for your garden, blowing away leaves and other debris, cleaning your deck, patio, or balcony, or other outdoor chores, the ZoomBroom Tornado lightweight, cordless air-broom with a simple charging stand is your go-to tool for efficient and effective outdoor cleaning.

Two of the main reasons that the ZoomBroom Tornado is ideal for all users is that it is a cordless blower and extremely lightweight. Outdoor chores can be tedious and challenging tasks, which is why the ZoomBroom has made it possible for all individuals to handle outdoor cleaning tasks easily and quickly without any hassle.

What Are the Reasons to Buy the ZoomBroom Today?

Efficiency. Convenience. Quickness. Effectiveness. Cost-Savings. Shall we go on? Yes, we will.

  • Freedom with Movement and Use:
  • One of the most significant advantages of battery-powered leaf blowers, like ZoomBroom, is the simplicity of use and movement. These cordless leaf blowers will blow your average, bulky leaf blower away.
  • Why? The ZoomBroom can be used to clean just about anywhere, especially with outdoor living spaces, like patios, decks, driveways, and more. The ZoomBroom was created to clean and remove leaves and other types of debris – leaving your outdoor living spaces spotless. In fact, the ZoomBroom is just as powerful as your average leaf blower but much more efficient and quicker for housework chores.
  • Forget the Noise, but Keep the Power:
  • We’ve all been there where it’s a Saturday morning and you hear the disturbing noise of a leaf blower – whether it’s your Dad cleaning the yard or a landscaping company clearing out the leaves from your condo entrance or storefront entrance.
  • Forget the noise with ZoomBroom. A lightweight leaf blower solves this issue for you. With a powerful, cordless leaf blower, you don’t need to worry about disturbing any neighbors or blowing out an eardrum. This is one of the main reasons why customers are turning toward the use of the ZoomBroom.
  • Try the ZoomBroom’s Turbo-Boost for an extra push of power for even the hardest debris to remove.
  • Eco-Friendly:
  • Battery-powered leaf blowers eliminate the carbon monoxide that the typical gas-power leaf blowers emit. This allows users to clean out garages and other small spaces without affecting their health or other potentially harmful effects.
  • Lightweight:
  • With our most powerful ZoomBroom, the Tornado, it only weighs 2.1 pounds – making it easy for all ages to help out with outdoor cleanup for various living spaces.
  • Whether you are 10-years-old and helping out for allowance, or 80-years-old trying to keep your deck and driveway immaculate, almost anyone can utilize this piece of equipment with ease.
  • Another benefit of the ZoomBroom is how easy it is to maneuver around the yard/garden or hard surfaces outside. The lightweight feature eliminates restrictions when trying to navigate around the surface you are cleaning.
  • Easy to Charge:
  • With your Dad’s average, clunky leaf blower, storage is often an issue.
  • Not with ZoomBroom. The ZoomBroom includes a portable charging base that can fit in almost any space within your home – taking up little space and removing the need for taking out the battery to charge. Simply stick the equipment on the charging station without taking out the battery to charge the ZoomBroom for your next use.
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