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ZoomBroom Features
Floor stand and charger
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Zoombroom Red Tornado
ZoomBroom Tornado Video Overview
ZoomBroom Tornado In Stand 5 Colors
ZoomBroom Tornado Features
Floor charger
Standard Floor Charging Station
Wall Charger
Optional Wall Charging Station
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Zoombroom Red Tornado
ZoomBroom Tornado Video Overview
ZoomBroom Tornado In Stand 5 Colors
ZoomBroom Tornado Features
Floor charger
Wall Charger
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ZoomBroomTM Tornado F5 Lightweight Cordless Air-Broom with Charging Stand

Model #ZT12F  


  • Sweeps decks and patios easily and quickly
  • Convenient storage
  • Very lightweight
  • 40-minute run time
  • Auto-charging

This item is not yet available. The expected date for pre-orders is June 2022.

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Meet the ZoomBroom

The ZoomBroom is a lightweight, cordless air-broom that is perfect for quick cleaning of all of your outdoor lining areas.

Leaf blowers tend to have a negative association with loud noise, bulky and heavy equipment, difficultly storing the equipment, non-environmentally friendly, and simply inconvenient for many people.

The ZoomBroom is the leaf blower designed for the 21st century. It's quiet and lightweight, but powerful enough to handle all of the debris on your deck, patio, or sidewalk.

A man in a wheelchair is using the ZoomBroom Tornado to clear leaves and debris from his walkway.

Easy to Use

Weighing just 2 pounds, the ZoomBroom is lightweight enough for anyone to use. The slim profile makes it easy to handle it tight spaces on your deck or patio.

The ZoomBroom was created to clean and remove leaves and other types of debris – leaving your outdoor living spaces spotless. In fact, the ZoomBroom is just as powerful as your average leaf blower but much more efficient and quicker for housework chores.

Hate cleaning the front steps with a broom? Use a ZoomBroom!

A red ZoomBroom Tornado is standing on its charger in the corner of a home during summer.

Easy to Store

The ZoomBroom's sleek design makes storage a breeze. No more rummaging through the garage to find the leaf blower.

One of the most significant advantages of battery-powered leaf blowers is the simplicity of use. No cords or gasoline to worry about, but removing the battery to charge it can be a real pain.

The ZoomBroom takes this convenience even further by building the battery into the handle and allowing it to be recharged without removing it.

Where Will You ZoomBroom?

  • Deck, porch, and sidewalk
  • Restaurant patio
  • Hotel portico
  • Pickleball court
  • RV and camping
  • Garage and shop
  • Golf Course
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